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You and Your Freelance Writer Part III: Retaining Talent

freelance retention

This is the final post in a series about hiring and working with freelance writers.

You have found your writer. She has learned what you need and like. You have learned what information she needs in order to produce the best possible work. Now what?

Let that writer know that you would like to work with her again. Better yet, set up a schedule of posts you will need over the next month or so and ask if she’s got time in her schedule to make developing content for you a regular gig.

Trust me, unless the writer is already overwhelmed with work, the idea of assignments coming in on a steady basis will make that little writer heart beat with joy. Remember, that writer is just as much a business person as you are. And freelancers don’t have the benefits package of a large company to fall back on. A steady paycheck takes a load of stress off.

Speaking of a paycheck, how much should you expect to pay for writing services? It depends. Most agencies, services, and freelancers will post their rates on a website or will happily email them to you. The more experienced and in demand the writer is, the more you might expect to pay.

Look at their writing samples first.

  • Can they write in different styles?
  • Do they have a good command of spelling and grammar?
  • Have they done both long and short form content?
  • Do they use formatting that makes the content easy to read online?

If you see evidence of what you need, take a look at the rates to see if they fit into your budget. Everyone understands that not every business owner has deep pockets. If you can’t afford more than $8-$10 a post, a blog writing service like BlogMutt or Zerys may be better for your needs.

However, understand you get what you pay for. If you are lucky someone just starting out will take a job for 3-7 cents per word and give you good value. And most blog writing services will provide a rating system for the writers. But that can be very subjective; what someone else considers 5 star work may not seem like it to you.

If you can afford it, though, a freelancer who does most or all of your work ensures the voice and style remain the same throughout the content. Over time she will learn as much about the business as you know, making it possible to write faster and perhaps make stylistic changes to better reflect your company.

When determining pay think about it this way. A freelance writer is not your full-time employee. You will not pay benefits or a full time salary to this person. If your content needs generally consist of three blog posts a week, that writer will probably spend about 5-6 hours a week on your stuff.

Taking into consideration the freelancer must cover her own benefits and office needs, paying $40-$60 a post isn’t an unreal expectation. This equates to $20 or $30 per hour. Or maybe you pay by the word. Paying $25 per 100 words (25 cents per word) is a fair price. Remember, this content will lure in visitors and convert them to customers, building your business.

Hopefully, this series has given you a better idea of what hiring a freelance worker is like. Most want to do an excellent job because that is how you get repeat business. Finding one who can provide content for you on a steady basis will make your life easier as well.