Welcome to Aubrian Writing Services

You need content? What a coincidence; I write content.

Copy and business writing is so much more than writing a few paragraphs and publishing. As Mark Twain noted, the difference between the right word and the almost-right word is as big as the difference between lightning and lightning bug.

I have experience writing for the following industries:

– Healthcare IT
– Healthcare
– Legal services
– Construction
– Pre-engineered Steel Buildings
– Call centers/answering services
– Optometry
– Real time location services

…and more.

Each industry has its own voice, tone, and vocabulary. I’m not talking about jargon so much as the style those in the industry are used to reading. I can write the way you speak so everyone feels at-home with the content in front of them. Comfortable readers are easier to educate, entertain, and engage.

Aubrian Content Creation and Curation is available to work as a 1099 Independent Contractor or a W-2 employee.

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