4-Part Series for Procore’s The JobSite

Rebuilding After Harvey Part 1 – How the Flood Overtook Houston

Rebuilding After Harvey Part 2 – Labor Woes

Rebuilding After Harvey Part 3 – Keeping Inexperienced Workers Safe

Rebuilding After Harvey Part 4 – Building for Damage Mitigation and Prevention in the Future

Long Form Content

My Future Fertility – an Ebook

Customer Support Metrics 101: First Call Resolution (an eBook)

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad Multichannel World

Give Customers the Gift of Chat

Example Systems Analysis Document

ICON Building Systems Erection and Safety Manual

Short Form Content – Web Pages, Blogs, and Email

Blog Posts

Workforce Trends in the Texas Oil and Gas Industry

Criteria for Requesting an IRS Waiver of Tax Penalties and Interest

Can Steel Buildings Get Mold?

10 Ways Drones are Impacting the Construction Industry

12 Days of Inbound

Common Mistakes of First-Time Used Car Buyers

An Overview of Shearing Brain Injury

Email Samples

Real Reason Sales Are Won or Lost, The

Web Pages

Injection Well Best Practices


Example Index

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